Lamb Tonight Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the lamb from?

Lamb Tonight products are made with 100% Canadian Lamb by SunGold Specialty Meats Ltd. Lambs are raised on farms throughout Western Canada. There is a profile on the back of every package of our farmers with additional information available at www.sungoldmeats.com

What is in the seasoning?

Lamb Tonight products contain only simple ingredients. We chose to make our products with just good Canadian Lamb meat, general spices, salt - and in the case of our sausages and meatballs, a small amount of water as a processing aid. No preservatives, no fillers, no additives, no food colorings.

Our product labels list €œseasonings€ which contains only spices or dehydrated vegetables like onion, garlic, tomato or peppers. Our ingredients are intentionally kept simple to provide a wholesome experience.

Is it gluten free and/or allergen free?

By design and recipe make up, we are Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free, MSG free, Nut free, Allergen free.

We cannot make this claim though, and here is why:

Our current spice manufacturer/supplier does produce spices for others that do contain one or some of the above components/attributes. While they are not included in our recipes directly, there is the potential for a limited amount of exposure/cross contamination. Our current supplier does not have in place protocols or processes in place to provide us this certification therefore, we do not and cannot make the claim our products are free from the items noted above.

What are the casings on the sausages made from?

Our casings do not contain pork. They are made with collagen derived from bovine sources. Also, the casings and our lamb are Halal certified.

Where can I buy Lamb Tonight products?

Lamb Tonight is available across Canada* at Sobeys, Safeway, Thrifty Foods, Calgary Co-op, Federated Co-op and Foodland.

* Not yet available in Quebec.