Custom Kill & Fabrication

Minimum lamb quantity – 100 head per run

Slaughter Costs Includes

  • Halal certified product
  • Carcass grading
  • Livestock receiving & scheduling / LPV paperwork
  • Rendering
  • Paunch waste disposal
  • Organic Certification costs are paid by the customer

Fabrication Cost Includes

  • Based on basic Primal / Sub Primal cuts
  • Additional Rendering waste
  • Provide a production yield sheet the week following the kill
  • Boneless cuts will be extra as per specified cut
  • Grinding of Trim is extra by the kg

Packaging Cost Includes

  • Clear Vacuum pack bag
  • Customer supplies approved product labels
  • Printed bags are extra and costs would be at customers expense and minimum order quantities would apply

Shipping Cost from the plant Includes

  • Palletizing finished product based on One shipment
  • Freight cost to final destination at customers expense
  • SunGold Specialty Meats Ltd. may be able to assist if it works with our own distribution & truck schedules which would be billed as extra at our current trucking rates.

Custom Processing Price and Fees -  Contact us to discuss your custom processing needs


  • All Slaughter, Fabrication, Packing, Shipping and Distribution charges must be paid prior to product leaving SunGold Facility
  • SunGold Specialty Meats Ltd. will dispose of the Lamb Hide and Offals