Thinking About Going Paleo? Read This First!

Whether you?re ready to make the switch to Paleo, planning a BBQ with a Paleo friend, or you?re just here to find out what a Paleo diet is ? you?re in the right place.

So, what is it?

First thing?s first: a Paleo diet, like most diets, is defined by groups of food you?ll want to include and avoid in your diet.

Paleo diets include:

  • Fruits
  • Eggs
  • Veggies
  • Lean meats
  • Seafood
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Healthy fats

Avoid these things:

  • Dairy
  • Processed foods and sugar
  • Legumes
  • Starches
  • Salt
  • Alcohol

The groupings are actually based on the foods our ancient ancestors used to eat, as far back as the Paleolithic era (about 3 million years ago). At that time, humans ate a balanced diet of lean meat, healthy fats, and fibrous vegetables.

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Conversely, the foods on the avoid list are items that would not have been readily available to early human communities. Several studies (like this one) have shown that a return to a paleo-based diet is the most natural and healthy option for humans.

Paleo | Lamb Steak | SunGold

You?re probably wondering what the fuss around all this is about. We?ve come a long way in modernization and technology, and potato chips (and beer) are delicious, so why make the switch?

1. There?s no counting

Unlike other diets, there?s no counting calories or points. There?s also no such thing as cheating because the food you?ll be eating is Paleo or not, plain and simple. So there?s no guilt, and it?s easy to stay on track. Going Paleo adds to an overall healthy lifestyle and it?s an approach to food that?s designed to be something you stick with, not something you do in a hurry to lose five pounds.

2. It easily eliminates a lot of things you already know to avoid

Carbs. Junk food. Fast food. You already know they?re unhealthy, and going Paleo wipes them out of your diet completely. You aren?t going to have to worry about eating the whole tub of ice cream because you won?t be buying it in the first place.

Clean eating comes easy when you have clear dividers of foods that fit your diet and foods that don?t.

3. You?ll have more energy

Avoiding refined sugar means you?re also going to be avoiding spikes in your blood glucose levels, which means no more sugar jitters and intense crashing.

NOTE: If you?re diabetic, be sure to check with your doctor to determine if going Paleo is right for you.

4. You?re going to snack a lot less

Sure, it?s true. Fresh, lean, healthy food often comes with a higher price tag than fast food alternatives. What you might not have considered, however, is that you?ll be saving money in the long run because the high-protein, low carb meals will keep you fuller for longer and they?ll protect you from bank-breaking health disorders.

Paleo means less snacking, less cravings, and less drive-thru trips that hurt your health and your wallet. Simple.

We hear your ?buts?:

We know – change is hard. Anyone who claims differently is probably lying. We can imagine what you?re thinking:

  • ???????But I want to be able to make quick and easy dinners!?
  • ???????But making fresh food at home takes so much work!?
  • ???????But my family has a lot of favourite meals we enjoy together that aren?t Paleo!?

We hear you – and all these concerns are perfectly valid. But switching to a Paleo diet doesn?t have to happen all at once.

Starting Paleo, the easy way:

Try cutting out a few foods at a time to increase your chances of success. Cut out added sugar first (admittedly, a tough one but a solid place to start). Then, eventually make your way through the ?avoid? list. You?ll be surprised how much easier it is to implement small changes over time than it is to implement a big change all at once.

You?re also going to want to start paying closer attention to what you eat regularly and start thinking about Paleo alternatives you can substitute in. Lamb (like Lamb Tonight) is a great alternative to higher fat meats. It has less marbling than most beef, so it?s naturally leaner. Racks of lamb and lamb chops are delicious family-favourites and are also very easy to substitute into recipes to give your classic favourites a Paleo twist.

For example, sub in some zucchini noodles and our Italian-style lamb meatballs with your favourite spaghetti sauce, and you?re left with a tasty Paleo meal that?s not a huge departure from pasta night, but is making your body happier with every bite.

The best part?

This is just one of the products from our Lamb Tonight line that was specifically designed to create easy dinners for busy families, and it?s full of the good stuff ? like lean lamb and natural seasoning.