Valentine?s Day Dinner for Two: Gourmet Lamb


New Zealand lamb chops, herb potatoes, and organic raspberry jam

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You had the best of intentions. Weeks ago, you were going to call your favourite restaurant to book a table for two. You wanted to surprise your significant other with a romantic dinner with their favourite dish ? lamb.

Alas, the days have flown by. Your favourite restaurant is full up. And, you have nowhere to go on Valentine?s Day.

Now, you could call up another restaurant and be tied to their fixed menu full of aphrodisiacs eaten around a crowded table.

Or, you pull up your sleeves, turn on the oven, and set the table.


Lamb ? The Fancy Protein


When trying to impress your loved one, you have the option of many delicious proteins. Then, there is SunGold Meats? lamb. Expensive to order in a restaurant, yet so elegantly satisfying to prepare at home.

The delicious aromas will fill your house as its fat renders at the bottom of the pan, waiting to be reduced into the most velvety, flavoursome sauce.

Set the table with your best dishes. Adorn it with a beautiful centrepiece bouquet. Pop the cork on your favourite wine.

And, let?s get cooking.

Lamb Loin with Caramelized Onions and Rhubarb Compote


Did someone say caramelized onions? and rhubarb? All right. Dish ?

Thankfully, the Cerea brothers graciously have.

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We haven?t strayed far from the sous vide method used in the previous recipe, after all, we are going for gourmet dishes made in the comfort of our home. This recipe happens to be Michelin Star worthy.

Juicy lamb loin paired with tangy rhubarb and sweet caramelized onions. Is your guest going to be held to just one serving ? is the question.

The recipe itself seems adequately manageable, with the sous vide portion adding an element of skill. Ok, maybe the plating will be the showcase of skill in this recipe.

This recipe would be fantastic paired with a smooth Zinfandel. All in all, the hour and a half to prepare this amazing dish will garnish you rave reviews.


Fillet, Shoulder, and Belly of Lamb with Kale Compote, Glazed Roscoff Onion and Lamb Jus


Another Michelin Star dish for you to dazzle your loved one with. This dish is taking everything up a notch ? or three ? by relishing the beauty of a lamb fillet, lamb shoulder, and the belly of lamb.


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Three amazingly flavourful cuts of lamb blessing your plate. Take out the good dishes for this amazing recipe.

It?s best to start the recipe the day before your big date night, the curing, the confiting, and the braising will all-in-all take about 5 hours.

Chef Alyn Williams? dish is masterful. The flavours beautifully layered.


Pressure-cooked braised lamb fore shank, parsnip bubble, and squeak with smoked bacon sauce


We?re sticking with Chef Alyn Williams for another recipe. This one isn?t as challenging, but, trust us, it won?t disappoint.


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What?s not to love about this recipe? Truly. And the best part, aside from a bit of searing, the pressure cooker does most of the hard work.

Smoked bacon sauce to accompany succulent lamb shanks. Parsnips to add a touch of glamour to the plate.

Dang-nab-it. Pair this plate with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy.


Assiette of lamb with garlic pur?e


This recipe will push limits. Featuring the underused but surprisingly mild and tender lamb?s tongue to deliver a dish to wow any guest.

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A challenging recipe that contrasts the textural elegance of the lamb?s tongue with the soft braised lamb?s neck and the tenderness of the roasted loin.

You?ll want to prepare the lamb?s neck the day before, so you can enjoy your company without extra dinner duties.

The plating may be tricky for each of these delectable recipes. Master that, and you?ll be cancelling all your restaurant dates in the future.