How To Guide: An Easy Lamb Christmas Dinner

Ready for the holidays, but not so ready to make Christmas dinner Let SunGold lamb make your preparation for the holidays less stressful and give you one less thing to worry about!

Check out our quick and easy guide on how to create a lamb Christmas dinner that will impress your guests!

Rack of lamb





Start your Christmas dinner off with some delicious lamb appetizers, like our Lamb Tonight Kabobs. With our wide selection of kabobs (such as souvlaki, kofta, taste of India, gyros, and shawarma), the hardest part will be choosing what your palate desires!

Our kabobs come pre-skewered. There is no need to skewer them yourself, saving you time and energy during the busy holiday season. What?s more, all Lamb Tonight products come pre-seasoned, pre-marinated, and gluten free, making our kabobs a fast and effortless appetizer for you and your guests to enjoy!

For extra goodness, serve our kabobs with a side of mixed vegetables or salad.

Find our souvlaki lamb kabobs with spiralized zucchini salad recipe here.

Lamb kabobs

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Mmm meatballs! Whether you choose our Italian-style lamb meatballs or Mediterranean-style lamb meatballs, we know you’ll be delighted by the seasonings.

To make our Lamb Tonight meatballs a fun and easy-to-eat holiday appetizer, turn them into caprese lamb meatball skewers!

If Mediterranean is more your style, wrap our mild flavored meatballs in lettuce with a drizzle of sauce of your choice! They might just be the best appetizer your guests have ever had.

Lamb meatballs in lettuce




Our Lamb Tonight sausages are sure to be a hit at your Christmas dinner. No matter if you serve them straight out of the package or slice them up, your guests will undoubtedly be pleased.

Choose from our two mouthwatering flavours: merguez or mild Italian. Just add heat, and eat! Simple, isn’t it?

Tip: if you’re serving our sausages sliced, spear them with toothpicks to make them more convenient to eat! Want to get even more fancy with our Lamb Tonight sausages Add a layer of melted cheese for a hearty appetizer.




Rack of Lamb

Now that we’ve stimulated your guests appetites with our appetizers, it’s time to blow them away with a SunGold rack of lamb.

We offer classically frenched racks that are sure to create some oohs and ahhs from your guests. We believe in only serving the best to our customers – delicious flavour is guaranteed.

Our mild Canadian lamb racks are sure to be the highlight of your Christmas dinner.

Make our focaccia crusted rack of lamb with our easy-to-follow recipe at

Rack of lamb



Roast Leg of Lamb

This recipe is from our main man, Jamie Oliver – and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Not only does a leg of lamb look beautiful on your Christmas table, but the roasting technique really helps to bring out its delicious flavour.

Just throw this easy dish in the oven, and let the aromas of garlic, fresh rosemary, and lemon fill your house!

Roast leg of lamb



Shepherd’s Pie

For your next Christmas dinner meal, use our Lamb Tonight seasoned lamb for shepherds pie. We made this product specifically for shepherds pie to give you the perfect complement of flavourful meat. All you have to do is make your favourite shepherds pie and substitute our seasoned lamb!

We?re sure your guests will love it, and will be begging for a second slice.

In need of a recipe Make our fully loaded shepherds pie and try it yourself by following our recipe here.

Shepherd's pie



There you have it, a simple how to guide on creating an easy lamb Christmas dinner!

These are just some of the various appetizers and entries you can make for the holidays with our lamb products, as there are many, many other dishes you can make!

Cooking Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be a burden. Make your Christmas dinner trouble-free this year with SunGold Meats!