Great Tasting Lamb: The Art, Science, and Design

At CLP, we stand behind our Art, Science, and Design of Great Tasting Lamb. As a fully vertically integrated company, we breed and select the highest quality lambs finished on a grain diet to provide a slightly milder taste and a higher meat-to-bone ratio. We utilize innovative processing and packaging technologies to provide better yields and enhance the colour, tenderness, and juiciness of our product, maximizing quality and consistency.

Western Canadian Farmer standing by a fence.

The Art. 

The art comes from all the individual processes that must work in synchronization to build a successful product. We recognize that to achieve the perfect product we require the input and variety of experiences from our farms all the way to our customers. We rely on our farms to breed healthy and stress-free livestock, promote growth and maintain an environment that is sustainable. This can be especially difficult in the climate of Canadian winters when conditions are far from ideal. We also work extensively with producers across western Canada which we refer to as our“ Growth Group”. With this group, we aim to provide extensive support and create uniformity and consistency within our product offerings.

The Science.

Utilizing revolutionary technologies, we can ensure a humane crop cycle from farm to table. From the moment a lamb is born on one of our farms across Western Canada until they are processed, we ensure that our livestock is treated humanely and with the highest level of consideration for animal welfare. Inside our processing plant alongside our supremely talented team of meat artisans, we utilize state-of-the-art processing and chilling technology to stabilize meat PH levels. Necessary in delivering superior colour, tenderness, and juiciness consistently.

The Design.

As a fully vertically integrated company, we have oversight on every stage of the lamb production process. As such we have invested in a heavily monitored breeding program that allows us to build a flock of specific breeds to create a consistent and milder product. Alongside a strict grain-finished dieting program we can produce and select the highest quality lambs that will provide a slightly milder taste and yield a higher meat-to-bone ratio. Not only will you be tasting the best quality lamb, but you will also be getting the value of paying for more meat, not bone.

The Product. 

Delicious, ethical, halal-certified lamb is for everyone. We package and distribute our product with you in mind. We’ve made sure to offer cuts of lamb for people of all tastes and experience levels. We offer classic cuts of lamb, gourmet cuts, as well as our Lamb Tonight line for those who prefer quick and easy meal preparation without giving up on quality or taste. Regardless of what cut of lamb, you choose to try we are confident you will find our lamb easy and approachable in the kitchen. Impress your guests!

Classic Cuts of Lamb 

Roasted lamb leg on a platter.

Lamb Leg Tender and juicy with a robust flavour – Lamb’s leg come in a convenient size that’s easy to manage. Delectable when slow roasted.

Rack of Lamb Roasted Rack of lamb makes a delicious and elegant meal. Although it takes a bit of time to prepare, it is worth the wait. You can have this dish at any time of the year, but if you really want to impress your guests, then serve it at a dinner party.

Lamb Loin Lamb loin is a tender cut that you can cook to perfection within a short period of time. You can roast it, braise it or grill it. If you’d like to prepare a more difficult meal, then you should consider adding some extra ingredients to your lamb loin and make a tasty stew.

Lamb Shoulder Lamb shoulder is ideal for slow cooking and casserole. It is ideal for cold weather as it keeps you warm and nourished. It is not only delicious but also healthy, nutritious and economical. 

Did you know: Just 3-ounces of lamb fills you with half the daily recommended protein intake for adults? That 23 whole grams of protein in just one serving!

Gourmet Cuts: Lamb Offals 

Our products are made gourmet-dish ready. Lamb Offals are one of the most delicious parts of the Lamb and are often viewed as delicacies. These parts of the lamb are nutrient-dense and can make a nice side for your next gourmet meal. It’s five-star restaurant quality, but you can order and prepare at home. 

Lamb Liver Lamb liver is a somewhat underutilized part of the animal, making it a unique option for adventurous dinners. It’s a great source of B vitamins, iron, and protein. They’re great pan-fried or prepared as a curry. 

Lamb Heart Lamb hearts tend to be lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken or turkey hearts. Lamb’s hearts are also easy to prepare and cook, making them a great option for busy meals. Keep in mind that some preparation is required because fresh lamb heart must be cleaned before it is cooked. Perfect for a nutrient-dense stew! 

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Lamb Kidney Lamb kidneys are fantastic. Most people who try them are surprised at how delicious they can be! They’re great as a part of a cold starter platter, or hot on the grill. They also go great on toast. 

Lamb Made Easy: Lamb Tonight 

Everyone deserves delicious lamb. If you’re new to cooking or have a lifestyle that is constantly on the go, we’ve thought of you too. If you want your lamb made easy and instant (while still remaining fresh and tasty), we’d recommend our pre-seasoned Lamb Tonight line. 

Lamb Kebabs Our lamb kabobs comes pre-seasoned and ready to cook. Choose either shawarma, souvlaki, or kofta ground lamb kebobs. 

Lamb Burgers Delicious natural seasoning gives our lamb tonight burgers an extra kick! Throw it on the grill like you would any other burger (but it’s not like any other one, you’re in for a treat). 

Lamb Meatballs Add Italian-style or Mediterranean-style meatballs as a topping or side for your next meal. 

A commitment to sustainability. 

In our commitment to sustainability, we’re doing our best to ensure that nothing goes to waste. This means making use of the entire lamb. Lamb sundries can also be purchased either in vacuum packages or in bulk.