How Supporting Local is a Part of Environmental Sustainability

Regarding environmentalism, there are a few things that everyone can do to help out. One of those things is by making environmentally-conscious choices about the food you’re purchasing. After all, the food you eat every day has a massive impact on the environment! If you’re interested in sustainable food, a great first step is supporting local farms. Locally-sourced food is a huge part of environmental sustainability and an easy way for you to help reduce your carbon footprint.

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What Does ‘Local Farms’ Really Mean?

Supporting local farms means buying from food producers who are geographically close to you. If you’re in Alberta, then every time you buy Sungold Meats you’re supporting local farms: all of Westfine’s producers are working hard across the prairies of Alberta. 

Buying local produce and meats is really in your best interest:

  • Local meats are fresher. Transporting food over long distances means a lot of food spoils along the way.
  • Buying local offers you reassurance. You know the source of your food: you can be assured that the producers are humane.
  • Local meats are affordable. By cutting out the middleman, Sungold can offer you some great deals on its products.

How Does Supporting Local Farms Help The Environment?

Reduce Emissions from Transport 

Supporting local farms means that you are buying your food from someone who is nearby, thus reducing the amount of transportation (and gas) required to transport that food to your table. A reduction in fuel used to transport the meat also means a reduction in the number of fossil fuels being used and subsequently released into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. 

Farmers as Stewards of the Land

Alberta has a long history of innovation and sustainability in farming. Alberta’s land supports many diverse farming industries, including livestock production, beef, wheat, canola, barley and sugar beets. This diversity provides stability and opportunities for Alberta farmers to innovate. Albertan farmers are stewards of Alberta’s land. Farmers who adhere to sustainable farm practices are concerned with improving soil quality, conserving soil and water, protecting air quality, and minimizing their use of fossil fuels and nonrenewable resources. Farming also ensures the land’s continued maintenance and use and protects it from new developments or growing urban sprawl. 

Support Animal Welfare

Sustainable farmers prioritize the treatment of their livestock. For example, all of Westfine’s lamb is  Halal-certified and all of our producers center the humane treatment of animals in their practices. This means animal welfare is central at all animal life stages. From birth to harvest, every lamb is raised with love, care, and respect.

What are the benefits of supporting local farms?

Supporting local is all about supporting local workers and building community. The money that you spend on local food and goods goes right back into your community instead of going to a huge corporation’s pockets. This ultimately contributes to the local economy, creating more jobs and income. You’re not just supporting the environment, but your local community as well!

And, who can resist supporting family farms? You get to know the people behind your food, and you know that you’re buying your food from someone who cares about it as much as you do. Meet some of Westfine’s farmers: 


Polson’s Farm

Tees, Alberta

Nathanael and Christine Polson and their four children Karina, Natalea, Jenica and Wyatt have been farming since 2000. As any farmer knows, farming can be full of ups and downs and the Polsons are no strangers to that. Nathanael credits the support of his family and neighbours for the success and longevity of his farm.

Learn more about Polson’s Farm HERE.


Spring Creek Acres 

Ponoka, AB 

Spring Creek Farmers

CJ & Jolanda Ten Haaf have been dedicated to lamb farming in Canada for the past 10 years, and believe in a prosperous future for Canadian Lamb farming. They know that consumers are looking for locally produced food, and are committed to providing that for Albertans. 

Learn more about Spring Creek Acres HERE

SunGold supports Local Businesses throughout Western Canada!

Sungold participates in many programs to help build and sustain buy local initiatives. Sungold strongly believes that in order to support our farmers we also need to support our local butcheries and family-owned restaurants. We work closely with over 50 small businesses to distribute our products to ethnic communities throughout Canada and to help support local businesses. 

Localize your food program

Localize program allows consumers to quickly gain in-store access to transparent information on product origins. In a time when consumers are demanding accurate and reliable information about the food products they buy and eat, Sungold strives to provide the best product to meet consumer needs. Sungold strongly believes that through authentic engagement we can empower consumers to make the best decisions both for their health and their lifestyle. 

Where can I Buy Locally Produced Lamb? 

One way Well, one way is by buying Sungold Meats! Sungold Meats are available at a variety of grocery stores across the province. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we make sure that every part of the Lamb gets used. We have everything from classic favourites like lamb legs, rack, and loins, to delicacies like sundries and offals. 

 Get your SunGold Premium Lamb at one of these fantastic locations near you!

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