Food Safety

Mediterranean Lamb Burger

Food Safety

Westfine Meats Inc. is a federally registered meat establishment with HACCP recognition and bearing the establishment number 136 from Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Westfine Meats Inc. is Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certified. The species of animals slaughtered, fabricated and packaged are lamb, mutton and goat in compliance with the requirements of the Halal method of slaughtering. Westfine Meats Inc. is a CFIA approved establishment to export products internationally, currently to USA, Mexico, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates.

Westfine Meats complies with the CFIA requirements of the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP), which includes requirements of the Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures (MOP), Standard Operating Practices (SOPs), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), HACCP Plans for both slaughtering and fabrication.

Critical Control Points (CCPs) are monitored and controlled under the HACCP plan and pre-requisite programs such as, premises program, receiving, storage and shipping program, equipment program, personnel program, sanitation program, pest control program and recall program are in place to assure good manufacturing practices are adhered at all times.

Pre-operational inspection by Quality Assurance Division is a daily routine, which includes monitoring check lists and on-site verification activities to enhance the food safety program and quality perspectives. As well microbiology testing of product and equipment is also tested to verify the effectiveness of the process controls, monitoring and inspection activities.

An Animal Welfare Policy is in place to ensure animals are handled humanely at all times. These protocols are monitored and verified daily.

Having all above GMPs, SOPs and HACCP systems in place, at Westfine Meats Inc., we are committed to provide safe, high quality and nutritious lamb and goat products to our valued customers with the contribution of our skilled workforce, while complying with statutory and regulatory requirements at a competitive and affordable price.