Canada Gold Lamb Farm

Canada Gold Lamb Farm

The Canada Gold Lamb farm, located NE of Picture Butte, Alberta, is now complete and fully operational. With spacious and comfortable pens, complete with covered sheds, there is plenty of feed bunk space, access to fresh water, and areas to rest and gain shelter when needed.

Canada Gold’s Lamb farm is part of the SunGold group, built to support SunGold’s marketing efforts to provide high-quality lambs, consistently year-round. The operation was built with the latest in lamb handling technology and designed to provide care in the most humane, stress-free way possible. Starting with the design of the truck arrival chutes and lamb health facility through the design of the feeding bunks, sheds and alleyways – humane lamb handling and food safety are at the forefront of design decisions.

Daily care for the large amount of lambs at the Canada Gold lamb farm requires a lot of help! And that help comes from all over the world. There are 10 people that help in caring for the lambs, and they represent 4 countries! Those countries are Columbia, Mexico, England and of course Canada.

The lambs at the Canada Gold Lamb farm come from all over Western Canada. They work with producers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. They also have their own flock of sheep located near Condor, Alberta.

The Canada Gold lamb farm strives to give their lambs the best care possible. They work very hard to raise happy, healthy lambs. The Canadian Lamb industry is growing and they’re excited to be a part of it moving forward!

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