FM Livestock

FM Livestock

Both Faye and Mike Poffenroth come from a long lineage of farming families. Together they continue in their families footsteps on their family farm near Bentley, Alberta. For the last 28 years, they have raised lambs, in addition to their cow/calf herd and seeding and harvesting crops.

Initially, the addition of lambs on the farm was not in the interest of raising and selling them, but rather to clean up the hard to get grass in the old trees and encourage their young children to get involved in the family farm as the sheep were small and easy to handle.

Today, Mike and Faye along with their kids have grown their flock to 360 ewes and 650 lambs. Most of them belong to the family of Canadian Arcott and Dorset. The lambs add diversity to the farm, keeping the Poffenroths busy year round. They lamb during the winter months while spring is for calving and seeding. The summer months are spent haying and silaging while the sheep and cattle go to pasture and finally harvesting and weaning calves in the fall.

The Poffenroth family are very hopeful for the future of farming and lamb production in Canada. They hope to see a rise in the demand for Canadian lamb and a decline of imported frozen lamb product in the future. Domestic producers struggle to compete with the low cost pricing of offshore lamb. Still, the hope is not lost for the better for Canadian lamb farming.

The couple is proud to produce high quality lambs to meet the food needs of the people.

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