Gold Ridge Farming Co

Gold Ridge Farming Co.

Located in south central Alberta is Turin Colony’s Gold Ridge Farms. A Colony with deep farming roots tracing back 500 years. Bill Walter is the sheep master at Gold Ridge farms. Bill comes by the role naturally, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather. In his own words, Bill is a born sheep man with great passion for what he does.

They keep a flock of 700 ewes at Gold Ridge Farm, raising lambs for their meat and wool. Apart from the family tradition of keeping the lambs and ewes, they also raise beef and dairy cows, pigs, chicken, turkey, horses, as well as tend a wide variety of crops and bee keep for honey. Needless to say they are kept busy raising their livestock and tending the farm, especially during the lambing months in the spring.

Lambing is an around the clock job for Bill and his family, though arguably the part of his job that he loves the most. In his opinion, the miracle of lamb birth is an invaluable treasure, bringing together his entire family where they can work, learn and grow together while caring for the lambs. They are passionate and dedicated to raising and caring for their animals in the most humane way. Their lamb has always been raised humanely, long before the words certified humane were a part of the food industries vocabulary.

The Turin Colony is proud to be working as a family farm and hopeful for the continued growth of the lamb industry in Canada. Raising lambs is a way of life for Bill and his family and he hopes to see his children and grandchildren continue in his footsteps for years to come.

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